School Trips

Who wants a mindblowing interstellar School Field Trip where you get to spend three hours exploring the galaxies of fun at Future Kid? If you ask that question in class, every hand will shoot up, straight into the air, and we can easily make this a reality for you.

Our branches are packed full of exciting adventures, games focused on teamwork, building trust, and skills with your fellow schoolmates. Most importantly, it is completely safe, with our dedicated team hands-on with you on the day of, making sure your field trip goes off without a hitch. Students have full access to all age appropriate games inside our branch. Whether it's group rides , game consoles, we guarantee your students will have great fun !

We can provide additional add on's to your visit, like photography sessions,magicians and other extra fun activities. Please note catering is temporarily not available, however, there are restaurants very near to our branches.

2.5 KD for each kid at Salmiya,Dome,Slayil from 10AM to 12PM

2 KD for each kid at all other branches from 10AM to 12 PM

2 KD for each kid with special needs from 10AM to 12 PM

2.5 = 10 KD Available in all branches of the future child for groups, available during the day, shipping and playing on the same day

*Purchase of Swipe Cards is necessary to play games,Add-On's at extra cost

School Trip Details

Our Event Co-ordinator will reach the Contact Person mentioned above as soon as possible. School Trips are fully cutomizable.

Please provide as many details as possible to help your booking.