• Thurdigree Burns

    Casper Scare School's resident know-it-all, Dr Thurdigree Burns is Casper’s fire-breathing science teacher, and a bit of a dragon. Casper often corrects the flawed facts Burns teaches about humans at Casper Scare School, which doesn't make him too popular with the flame-spewing teacher at all

  • Casper

    Casper is the friendliest face at Casper Scare School, and that's his main problem! If he doesn't knuckle down and start getting scary at school he'll soon be banished to the Valley of the Shadows. Luckily his friends and uncles are around to help him get creepy and graduate from Casper Scare School!

  • Mantha

    Mantha's also pretty quick-thinking. Mantha is good friends with Casper and Ra and they often help her out when she goes to pieces, literally, at Casper Scare School

  • Thatch

    The scariest student at Casper Scare School, Thatch likes to bully his way to the top. Casper and his friends often find themselves bumping up against Thatch and his gang, but the vicious vampire is no match for Casper and his pals

  • Alder and Dash

    The headmaster's of Casper Scare School have just one rule! Be grim! Be ghoulish! Or be expelled! Alder and Dash are double headed, double trouble and always plotting ways of getting one over on Casper and friends. The only soft side they show at Casper Scare School is for their pink fluffy rabbit.

  • The uncles

    Stretch, Stinky and Fatso tend to stay away from Casper Scare School, but that doesn't mean they don't care about their cute nephew Casper. The Ghostly Trio swoop in to spook out Casper every so often, usually when they think they can make themselves some money out of the Casper Scare School

  • Ra

    Ra’s a mummy with maximum attitude. Casper's pal Ra gets wrapped up in his sports, but he can also get tangled up in his own bandages! Ra might be pretty far from his pyramid, but with Casper's help he feels right at home at the Casper Scare School